Firefighting Revealed

Firefighting Revealed is a reference book showcasing the inner workings of the American Fire Service. It is geared toward the novice and expert alike. The idea being that outsiders looking in may not know very much about our job and need a “soup to nuts” walk through of what we are all about. Conversely, insiders are basically resident experts within their own communities, or their own companies, and are interested in the finer details of operations elsewhere.

An example that only scratches the surface would be firefighters of the sometimes scorching Southwest learning about the job in icy New England and vice versa.

We want to give Fire Departments from every state the chance to provide a profile of their organization. We definitely want to know if somewhere in your department’s history a defining moment for your department and/or the fire service at large occurred.

Each of knows our business is rich in history and tradition. We also use some pretty unique tools and equipment. No to mention the unique people we often attract to our ranks. This uniqueness has never really been compiled into one printed work.

Tracking down the origins of how we do the job today and printing them in one collection is the goal of Firefighting Revealed.

The goal is not just about yesterday, though. What’s happening today sometimes means more than how we got here. This text provides the opportunity to share experience from around the nation. Keep in mind that often we take ourselves for granted in this job. How many night shifts have consisted of only 2 or 3 runs to the elderly housing complex which didn’t really tax our skills, so the next day we say “Nothing happened last night”? We were still important to the people we served. Similar topics could be taken for granted from one state to the next.

Remember, to many people this will be a reference guide, an entertaining one, but still a reference.

Many books have been written about specific fires and other incidents. That’s not merely our objective here. If as a result of the incident something profoundly changed in department operations, general fire service operations, or local or national community behavior, that’s what we want to know. Maybe a new tool or apparatus was developed through a direct connection you have with a certain manufacturer. What contribution was made and who made it?

This leads to another point. Fire departments alone aren’t enough to depict the big picture of the fire service. Fire Equipment Manufacturers constantly try to improve the way we do our jobs. We’d like to depict the progression of corporate contributions to our business, company by company. Profiles of each fire extinguishers service showcasing their contributions from the early days to today will be included. Again, uniqueness of the company, its products, and its people are to be a strong focus.

Speaking of people, firefighters are actually the ones making it all happen, right? At the link to the Firefighters page there are a number of lists concerning types of response calls. These are meant as guide to jog memories. If there’s a story about a certain call or one aspect of a call you want to share it is appreciated. Maybe there’s one guy on your group who’s seen every type of rescue call imaginable, but never really hit any fires. Do you know someone regarded as an expert on certain topics, like vehicle ex? Are you responsible for an area that many of us are not heavily involved in, like fire prevention?

We’re the ones who can best give insight into the particular aspects of the job. Once you stop and think about all that we may be responsible for you just may have a list of over 100 topics! People want to know about these things.

Let’s not forget the place where many of us first learned the basics of all that we know, the Fire Academy. There is at least one organization responsible for firefighter training in each state. Many larger cities conduct their own training, as do some counties and regions. We want to talk about these institutions as well. Without a doubt their impact on the fire service as a whole is nothing short of great. Each academy’s mission is probably similar to others but their impact can be very diverse based on their location in the country.

We’ll be conducting countless interviews for this project. Click on the link or links appropriate for how you want to contribute. Each link contains a line of questioning to guide your response. Use the guide or don’t. The choice is yours. While email is probably the simplest and cheapest means to communicate, maybe you’d prefer to interviewed by phone, or correspond through the U.S. Postal Service. However you want to handle it is fine. Just make contact with us and get the ball rolling.

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