Hotel Fire Safety Advice

Today, we want to take a look at fire safety specifically. This is a concern as many hotels may be housed in older buildings and they may not be up to code in terms of fire safety standards. Here we will outline some important tips.

Book the right hotel

As we mentioned in our earlier post on this topic, it’s important to book a hotel that is equipped for a fire emergency and fire equipment testing south Adelaide. Things to look for include accessible exits, smoke detectors and alarms, 24 hour staff and a modern building. Online reviews can help, but also feel free to get in touch with the hotel directly. They should be able to provide clear answers when it comes to questions like “are there functioning smoke detectors in every room?”

Bring your own equipment

You may not always have a chance to book a hotel in advance and/or you may find yourself in a place where there is not quality accommodation. Consider bringing a travel smoke detector which you can easily pack in your luggage and use as needed. There are a variety of affordable options available – simply do a search for “travel smoke detectors” and review your options. has several on offer.

Once you’re in the room..

Regardless of how equipped your hotel is, you should prepare yourself for a fire just in case. Take note of possible exit routes, see what your window situation is, and see whether you can access an outside telephone line without going through the hotel operator.

Make sure the smoke detector is functioning and powered on – look for what is typically a green light to confirm this. If there is no smoke detector or if the batteries are dead, use the portable one you have brought along and also be sure to inform management of the problem.

Take a quick moment to imagine a fire scenario. As horrible as this may seem, it can help you figure out how you would react. This is a good practice to realize which fire escape route would be the fastest and what alternatives you may have when it comes to getting out of your room.

None of this is designed to make you paranoid. If anything, it is meant to help you be better prepared, and thus, to be less worried about a potentially harmful situation arising. At the end of the day, the best thing you can do is pick the right hotel.

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